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Bottle Filling

Prebelli Industries manufactures top quality slats for all makes and models of bottle filling machines. Our staff of highly skilled engineers and craftsmen will design, test and manufacture new slats for your product for maximum fill rate. Industry standard HDPE material is used to insure consistency and straightness.  We strive to constantly improve our processes to stay ahead of our customer’s needs.

Slat Tooling

Years of experience designing slats for all types of slat fillers including: King, Lakso, Merrill, MPS, and others.

  • Interlocking slats (Tongue and Grove) available.
  • Slats with stainless steel stiffener available.
  • Slats designed with intent of maximizing bottle production.
  • Improve the design of problematic slats.
  • Copy slat designs that fill well.
  • Reproduce worn out slats.
  • All of our slats are designed and manufactured within our facility.
  • Quality workmanship.

Lower Manifold

In addition, Prebelli Industries also manufactures lower manifold with the same eye for quality as our slats.  We design them using FDA approved material so there are no material incompatibly issues.